Thursday, 12 November 2009

travel bug

I am leaving South Africa in a few weeks and slowly but surely I'm preparing myself. Over the past few months I have been back and forth around what focus to to put on my trip. First of all I know that I need some time out. The question is just from what?

My work, sure - working with sick kids is very intense and then, so am I, so that's a bit of an emotionally destructive combination. My life? In the past 3 years I have almost lost and then married my husband, started and abandoned aPhD, started 2 new jobs, both in the HIV field, battled a bout of serious depression and exhaustion and had a constant and at times unhealthy obsession with starting a family. Plus, I feel the constant pressure of needing to know what I want. Unfortunately I don't. At all. If I do make a decision, I second-guess it.

So it's no surprise that I abandoned planning my trip, finding other magnetic couples to connect with, writing this blog and even deleted an entry, thinkin it wasn't interesting or worth it.

Anyway, now that the trip is drawing closer and is becoming more of a reality, I've finally got the travel bug! And somehow this is infecting (bad pun, I know) everything else, in a good way.

A few weeks ago an old friend got in touch with my husband (a story I'll elaborate on another time) who's in a similar situation to ours. They live in the UK and she is infected while her husband is negative. Since my trip starts off on that little island, I'll try to meet up with them, of course.

Shortly after via Facebook I got in touch with a 'magnetic family', also from the UK who have adopted a little HIV positive girl. The mum and I have been exchanging some emails and it's so great to share concerns and experiences!

And today I was asked if I would like this blog to be carried on TheBody dot com, what more could I ask for. I look forward to hearing from and getting in touch with magnetic couples and families all over the world.

So it looks like I don't have to know everything in advance, some things will just sort themselves out. Hmm, I think this will be a great motto for my trip: Who knows tomorrow? (Noone, so why stress - I'm feeling uncharacteristly zen right now)

Excited and not feeling so lonely,

Magnetic Mama


  1. Hi Magnetic Mama.I'm so happy to read your story,it inspired me so much.I'm from the neighbouring country,mentioned above as having a high HIV prevalence,amd I'm a health worker who works directly with seropositive people.I would like to hear if it's possible to contact you,I'm in more or less similar situation,I got your story from the body,there's so many of us Discodant couples here.

  2. Hi there,

    thanks for your comment and for gettting in touch. You can email me directly at magneticmatrimony(at), if you want. I'm so greatful for the responses I've been getting, it really helps to not feel so isolated. I welcome you and everyone to post comments and questions here, so we can get a conversation going and help each other out!